By Wayne & Sarah Gander, UK
Destination Alghero, Sardinia, Italy
Categories Family, Singles, Over 50's
When Travelled June 2003
Length of Stay 3 Days
Holiday Cost £250 for two people.
Spending Money £100 per person
Travel Agent Ryan Air
Tour Operator Ryan Air
Airline Ryan Air
Insurance via Ryan Air. Convenient.
Stayed at Gabbiano, via Garibaldi, 97-07041 Alghero. This is a three star B&B hotel ideally situated for the beach. We found the accommodation clean and staff friendly. Breakfast consisted of rolls with jam/butter etc, filled croissants, tea, coffee, french toast and fruit juice. You could eat as much as you liked. Lunch or evening meals were enjoyed in one of the many local restaurants. There is a well equipped supermarket only 5 minutes walk away selling cold drinks and all you need for a DIY packed lunch. The hotel is about 10/15 minutes from the old town of Alghero.

Travelogue We were looking for a sunny holiday as far away from the UK as our budget could take us with the option of local beaches and a few things to see. Having "surfed the net" we came up with Alghero in Sardinia. Though neither of us had been to Sardinia we can honestly say the destination met our expectations and offered good value for money. With ample parking and a shuttle bus to take us to the airport terminal at Stansted, we left a rainy wet UK at 7am and were relaxing on a hot sunny beach by 11am.

Alghero offers an ideal "beach" holiday for families although there are other activities you can enjoy including boat trips, BBQ's, scuba diving and local cave excursions. Around the island you will find other attractions and it's worth getting hold of Lonely Planet's guide on Sardinia (see below). We enjoyed a boat trip to Grotti di Nettuno and a horse and carriage tour around the old town. Eating out every evening was great and caters for a range of budgets (eg a large pizza and drink costs £5).

There are little streets in the old town and it's an interesting place to explore. We came cross unusual boutiques and gift shops set back in cobbled streets selling guide books for the town, pottery, cork ornaments and coral jewellery.

Must See Attractions  
1) Grotte Di Nettuno. Take a pleasant half hour boat trip from Alghero harbour for €10.
The caves cost €8.
2) Beaches at Le Bombarde and Lazzaretto are very clean and accessible by bus.
3) Horse and carriage ride in the old town of Alghero costs between €3 and €12.

Places to Eat Ramblas offers a varied menu. Try pizza, swordfish or other fish specialities. There are plenty of places along the seafront where you can sit outside and enjoy a coffee.

Fab Tips 1) Day car hire costs around £40 although we made use of local buses and taxis. Buses cost around £1.50 per person and a taxi from the airport to Alghero cost us £15. 2) Shops close at around 1pm for siesta time and open late afternoon. 3) Learn a little Italian - it always helps when ordering a taxi or meal.
Recommended Lonely Planet Travel Guide

With its hidden coves and spectacular beaches, dramatic hill-side temples and misty gorges, Sardinia is an island for escape and adventure. Explore every corner of this Mediterranean treasure with Lonely Planet’s essential guide.
  • tips on the best places to swim, walk and dive
  • insiders’ advice on Sardinia’s flamboyant festivals
  • special food section covers the best of the island’s gastronomic delights
  • 29 detailed maps, including a full-colour island map
  • easy-to-use Italian language chapter

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