Holiday Preparations Unpacked  

Looking forward to a holiday is often the best part of it.
Contemplating the golden beaches and poolside drinks is nearly as good as the actual holiday. So it’s a shame when the sole grey cloud on the horizon is the planning and preparation that has to be done before you leave.

The Holiday Program from Mastersafe comes to your rescue with an easy to use computer checklist of things to do before you depart.
Instead of frantically scribbling things to do on a piece of paper, this programme enables you to sit at your computer and tick boxed items in the order that they need to be done, at your leisure.

Organising your holiday essentials has never been easier. Whether you are travelling at home or abroad, you will find The Holiday Program invaluable as a way of keeping track of what needs doing and what you need to take with you. It puts you in control if things go wrong and your luggage goes missing. So escape from the worry of planning - before you go on holiday.


• Create any number of printable lists of items to help you pack.
• Unlimited customizable suitcase inventories.
• Record travel arrangements.
• A Travel Insurance information screen.
• A place to record your contact details.
• Unlimited customizable check lists of things to do before you go away.
• Tell your neighbour what to do while you’re on holiday!
• Print outs of all information entered.
• Information can be kept on file for your next holiday.
• A useful postcard list
• Online help

System Requirements:
Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000 or XP,12 MB hard disk space, 32 MB RAM

Licence agreement:

Copyright for the software and cover images is held exclusively by Mastersafe Limited and may not be copied without prior written agreement. The purchaser of this software is entitled to install the software on one personal computer for single use. Multiple user licenses are available upon request. Under no circumstances should the original software CD be copied onto any menium without prior written agreement. Any unauthorised copying will be deemed as breach of copyright.

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