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1) When packing, dont fold your clothes, roll them and then you will just have to hang and they will look freshly laundered; no creases.
2) With kids, pack a bag with a surpise collection of treats i.e, colouring book and coloured pencils, a game of snap. There are loads of ideas at the £ shops. This will keep them occupied and amused with the treats.
(Denise Sutherland, UK)

1) When taking liquid products in your luggage, such as bottles of shampoo, place the bottles or containers within a plastic ziplock bag to prevent spillage all over your clean clothes. 2) Always take plastic bags in your luggage for keeping dirty shoes and damp clothing in, and also for separating clean from dirty clothing for ease of identification. 3) Always check that any medication you are taking with you is allowed in the country you are heading to, and be sure to take a prescription for any to (a) justify your bringing it with you and (b) for repurchase should you run out whilst over there. It's also handy to take your eyeglasses prescription with you in case your glasses / contacts have a misadventure and you need some new ones to function. (Jessica Puchala, Australia)

1) Photocopy your passport and tickets, and keep them somewhere separate in case you lose the originals. (Fiona Goodman, New Zealand)

Africa - Zambia

1) Insects Mossie repelant comes in handy, especially in the evenings. 2) Hats Wear a hat! The nice breezes can often disguise the intense sun. 3) Drinking Water The bottled water is so much nicer than the result of using purification tablets! So find out where to buy bottled water! (Graham Martin, UK)

1) Ensure that you pay a visit to your local surgery to get travel advice on necessary injections and Malaria courses. Do this several months in advance in order to allow enough time to complete courses of injections! You will definitely need these injections..
Yellow Fever - you will need a certificate of vaccination.
Hepatitis A
(Rabies - Optional)
I recommend Malarone anti-malarial tablets. Although one of the most expensive (at £60 for a 2 week course), there are very few side effects in comparison to other cheaper anti-malarial's. 2) You must take a mosquito net. 3) Take plenty of mosquito spray. 4) I advise you to take a medical kit containing sterilized needles, a drip kit and several dressings. If an accident occurs it is not advisable to rely on the medical equipment in hospitals. 5) Try to travel with someone who is able to speak the local dialect and who knows the area as this can save a lot of trouble with food, shops, and general travel. 6) Be prepared to barter with market traders. This will ensure you really do get the best price and will show that you are not naive. 7) Try to arrange your own flights. I flew to Johannesburg, South Africa for about £250 pounds. I then caught a 32-seater plane up to Ndola in north Zambia which cost £350 pounds. (A few days ago I found a flight to Johannesburg for £70 pounds and a flight to Ndola for £125 pounds - so be prepared to search extensively). 8) You will need to get a visa for Zambia when travelling from the UK before you depart. 9) It is necessary to have use of a car or truck in Zambia (preferably a 4 x 4) as the roads often disappear! Try to avoid hiring a car as insurance prices are very high. 10) Respect dress codes in the area, women especially - shoulders and body must be covered. Do not wear a short skirt or shorts! Capri pants are sensible option and not too hot. If you are careful you will enjoy your holiday to the full as I did. You cannot be over prepared! (Anna Verheul, UK)


1) Don't forget the Aeroguard or other personal insect repellant! 2) Bring as much of your food and drinks as possible from home so you can pay supermarket prices rather than whatever you might encounter while on holidays. 3) Always do some pre-trip planning so as to minimise wasted time deciding what to do while on your trip. (Eric Salo, Australia)

Australia - Perth

1) Take plenty of sun cream, a hat, sun glasses and cool clothing (although hese can be bought in WA if you forget anything) and drink plnty of water.
2) Travel light and leave some room in your luggage allowance - clothes are great value in Australia so you can buy a few to take home. And you'll want room for a cuddly koala and a boomerang!
3) Perth Airport has some great looking childrens clothes at very reasonable prices.
4) Credit card is a very convenient way of paying and Lloyds TSB Gold card had a good rate of exchange and didn’t charge any extra for transactions. Withdrawing cash was also easy with a minimal transaction charge.
5) Take some Singapore Dollars for a drink/snack when you arrive at Singapore airport. Again, if you have a Lloyds TSB Gold card you can get currency commission free.
6) In UK, sign up to One Tel before you go – if you’re leaving family behind they can call you really cheaply from the UK. Call 0800 957 1000 or visit for more information.
7) Plan your travel insurance before you book so you know what’s around – I used my Lloyds TSB Gold Card.
8) For children pack a few small toys for the flight.
9) Remember a change of clothing in your hand luggage as well as wash things and baby changing bits and bobs. If you forget toothpaste and toothbrush Singapore Airlines give them out as standard issue (along with a pair of socks!)
10) Develop your films in Australia so they are ready to show your friends as soon as you get home.
(Sarah Burns, UK)

Australia - Queensland

1) Swat up Lonely Planet Guide or similar before you go.
2) Book up as much as you can before you leave. It doesn't seem to make much difference price-wise and means you can enjoy each day without having to plan too much when you get there.
3) 24 hours on an aeroplane seems a long time but latest in-flight entertainment, a good book and stretch in Singapore are a big help.
4) Make sure you bring a bank card with Maestro/Cirrus logo. Can be used in most cash machines in Australia.
5) The only insects to worry about in the rainforest are mosquitos. If you know they like you, make sure you bring a good repellent.
6) Three days is bare minimum. If you have the time, allow at least a few extra days.
7) Try to combine flight ticket with Brisbane, Sydney or one of the other popular Australian destinations. (Peter Verheul, UK)

Austria - Saalbach

1) Use local transport wherever possible and check to make sure you know the last bus times back to the village. 2) Banks can charge higher rates for currency exchange and, although I found the local post office offered the best rate, it is worth looking around. 3) Drinks in bars are cheaper during the summer months. (Justin David, UK)

Canary Islands - Tenerife

1) If you see any wines or spirits in the local shops that you want to take home, I would suggest that you purchase them there and then, rather than wait until you get to the airport and experience disappointment when you find that the Duty Free does not stock your item, particularly as there is little difference in cost. 2) Be aware that Tenerife is classed as being outside the EEC and therefore you are only permitted one litre of spirits. Sure, I know it sounds crazy when they are part of Spain, but there you go. (Brian Burns, UK)


1) Just take enough currency to pay for fuel and insurance for the car on arrival and meals for the first day. All cards accepted at hole in the wall cash tills with LINK or CIRRUS. 2) Very cheap to eat out £8-14 a head for fantastic meals. All fish dishes,mezes,kleftico stifado are really good. (Terry Douglas, UK)

Czech Republic

1) When eating out, head for the Lesser Quarter of the city (over the Charles Bridge) as prices are much cheaper than the main tourist area (by the Astronomical Clock etc.) 2) Use the cheap and plentiful trams for travelling around the city. It's the easiest way to get to the palace/cathedral area. 3) During spring, there are often free classical music concert's, and it's also the nicest time to visit Prague as the cherry trees are in blossom. (Brita Bevis, UK)

1) When visiting Prague, don't bother with the tourist discount travel card, as it's cheaper just to pay for single journeys on the tram/metro/bus (about 8p a time!) (Christine Abdy, UK)

1) When visiting Prague, don't bother with the tourist discount travel card, as it's cheaper just to pay for single journeys on the tram/metro/bus (about 8p a time!) (Christine Abdy, UK)

Egypt - Cairo
Try to get a horseback tour of the pryamids as a guide will take you to special vantage points in the desert to see the pyramids in a totally different way. And with the exchange rate it should cost £8 average - well worth it. (Aisling O'Donnell, UK)
1)Make time whilst in Helsinki to take the day trip to Tallin. Use the high speed outgoing and the ferry back. Fabulous.
2) We were told that all the bars in Helsinki are run by the Russian mafia. Be careful.
3) Usually we take the city bus tours to get familiar with places we visit. We didn't get off the Helsinki tour, felt we saw all we needed to from the bus. (Nigel Summers, UK)

1) On French Autorail, the service is superb, just cross to Calais, put the car on the train, rocket through the night and have breakfast in the sunshine, while they unload your car. Travel wherever you wish and stay at your "Logis de France" hotel. No Problems and no disappointments. (William Ratcliffe, UK)

France - Paris
1) Be sure to learn some very polite french sentences. 2) Make sure you spend as much time as possible there, as Paris is one of the most incredible cities in the world. 3) If you're Australian. Firstly, the French LOVE Australian's and secondly, be sure to look both ways as they drive on the right there..hee and it's mad! (Aisha, Australia)
Greece - Rhodes

1) Restaurants. Look for where the locals eat - you can be fairly certain you'll get a good deal and avoid the tourist traps. 2) Remember temperatures get hot - wear sandals when walking on the hot sand unless you can run fast! 3) Hygiene. When on the beach, buy drinks and snacks from the huts rather than from the beach service boys. 4) Best deals for shopping are outside the old town walls. 5) Book tours, transport and trips directly wherever possible - it will save you money. (Peter Short, UK)

1) Pack very little - its a shoppers paradise. 2) Be careful buying suntan lotion as they refill empty bottles with not suntan lotion, look out for shops selling odd bottles of 'Boots' own label. 3) When accosted on the beach by sellers always say that you bought the item yesterday at half the price before entering into negotiations and only tell them your name if you want to be greeted everyday (they will remember you). (Nicola Green, UK)

1) The best buys to be had in Sorrento are in the back alleys where you can strike the best bargain prices and do the most ‘arm twisting’! If you are retired you can gain entrance to Pompeii etc. free, provided you carry your passport as proof. (Brian Burns, UK)


1) Have lots of small change in US dollars whe you arrive at the airport - the only way to get assistance is to pay for it; the only way to get rid of unwanted assistance is to pay them to go away! 2) Don't rely on internal flights if your trip is time sensitive. They run to their own timetable and often stop in extra places. 3) Journeys by road take ages. Estimate the journey length based on UK country roads and then multiply the time by 10! (The scenery is fantastic though!) (A Storey, UK)

Lapland (Finland)

Lapland does get very cold so it is necessary to be sensible and take special precautions against the low temperatures:
Adequate footwear
• Wear good quality (locally available at competitive prices) thermal underwear
• Wear top-quality hats whenever out doors. Buy them locally as Finns make beautiful woollen, high quality hats with striking designs
• Keep washing your face and hands to minimum before going out in the morning. Let your skin's natural oiliness create a protective filter to guard off the cold
• Bring cosmetic products, which are designed for cold temperatures
• When out on slopes, take more breaks at shorter intervals than you would normally do when skiing in the Alps
• Avoid excessive alcohol consumption, especially in the day-time
. (Becky Lowe, UK)

Portugal - Madeira

1) Duty Free Unless there are some really great offers, don't buy your duty-free wines & spirits at the airport on your way out. You are probably only saving an amount equal to the VAT! 2) Currency Exchange Madeira, as you will know operates in Euros and we generally exchange travellers cheques, cash etc. at the hotel. In the past we have changed travellers cheques at one of the banks…never again as the commission at that time was over 15%! (Brian Burns, UK)


1) Use the local buses to get around as they are cheap and great fun, although not perhaps when it is too hot, seeing that air-conditioning hadn’t been invented when they were built! 2) If you plan to visit churches you'll need to wear long trousers or a long skirt and something to cover your shoulders with. 3) In summer you'll need lightweight cotton clothes to beat the heat plus a hat and plenty of suncream. 4) If you want to enjoy some walking bring good stout walking boots because the bare limestone is rough and the vegetation often thorny. 5) For best photographic results shoot your landscape pictures early and late in the day - before 10am and after 4pm. The blazing summer sun will give a flat and washed out look to pictures taken in the middle of the day. Remember to keep your films in a cool place. 6) Malta's tap water is heavily chlorinated so you may like a supply of bottled water.(Brian Burns, UK)

New Zealand

1) Giving Tips You don't have to leave a tip. But if you want to, give it directly to the waitress or cashier. Don't leave it on the table. There is no set rule as to how much. 2) Personal Posessions We do have nasty people like bag snatchers etc but only in the tourist areas. So you have to be careful but not over the top with security. Thieves will target Hire Cars especially when parked in public tourist areas, so don't leave passports, wallets or cameras etc in the car while you go and look at the attractions. 3) The Weather We have very changeable weather. The top of the North Island is tropical, the middle can go from warm to chilly depending on snow fall on the mountains. The bottom (Sth end) windy and wet at times with cool nights. The South Island gets cooler as you head south but not as much rain, often has very cool nights followed by very warm days. So travel prepared. (Marina Humberstone, New Zealand)

1) When touring NZ don't miss seeing Mt Maunganui, the most popular beach resort in NZ. (Julie Cowley, New Zealand)

South Africa

1) We found walking around in the cities fine but would not advice doing so after dark, and as with all cities dress down and keep valuables out of sight. We regularly used buses for short journeys finding them safe and cheap. 2) Eating out is reasonable with good quality restaurants charging around £10 for an evening meal with wine. South Africans like their food and consequently the quality and quantity is superior to what we are used to at home. Whilst in South Africa you must try game foods such as ostrich, warthog and springbok, they all have very distinctive flavors. 3) Unlike many holiday destinations South Africa offers good quality souvenirs, many produced by local craftsman, at reasonable costs; don’t forget to bargain at stalls and markets – offer a third and expect to pay half the original asking price. (Rob & Julie Cole, UK)

1) A battery operated reading light/torch is essential whilst travelling/staying in Turkey as there is usually only the main light in the room and electricity tends to be erratic in some areas of the country. 2) For long journeys try to take a train. About the same price as the bus,but a lot more comfortable with your own sleeping compartment with fridge and wash basin. 3) If possible change your money at a bank as exchange offices sometimes don't have change to give,and exchange rates can be slightly lower. (Maggie Lloyd, UK)
United Arab Emrites - Dubai

Dubai is not as expesive as you'd think - food and transport is really quite cheap. It is very spaced out as a city so it is important to use transportation and taxis are very reasonable. (Aisling O'Donnell, UK)

Once you move away from the airport you'll find some bargains. (David Burns, UK)


New York - Drinking Water Always take water around with you, it's expensive and hard to find. (Rob Verheul, UK)

New York - it's a great city for outdoor event especialy during the summer. If you get down to NBC or ABC studios located Time SQ area you will probably see some of your fave pop acts performing on the street. I saw Toni Braxton and the corrs in one week. And its totally free!!!!! (Aisling O'Donnell, UK)

When in the Deep South, do not miss a trip to the Jack Daniels distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee. It's an hour's guided tour and totally free - excellent value, informative and great fun. (Lisa Drysdale, UK)


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